California Drivers License

How to send a copy of requested drivers license:

  • Add License Plate # on subject line

  • Upload file and email

  • Name First & Last

Email a copy of your drivers license:


It's a whole new world for young drivers. There are many things to learn. Some teens are fearful and don't want the responsibility, others anxiously anticipate and welcome it with open arms. 

Your insurance agent is an excellent resource. They have first hand experience of the good and the bad.

Start learning the basics about the car you will be driving. 

  • Learn about the controls, 

Tachometer displays the RPM- revolutions per minute which means it measures the rotation speed of a shaft in a motor. Another meaning is a measures the number of rotations around a fixed axis in one minute. 

Speedometer- this measures and displays the speed of a vehicle

      On a boat/vessel it would be a pit log 

Fuel/gas gauge- displays the amount of fuel the car's tank. If your gauge displays F its full. If it displays E, well, its time to get gas.

    ** A good practice to use, is use the trip meter each time you fill up. Reset your trip meter and make a note how many miles you drive when the needle points to E. Hopefully you will never run out of gas.