• My tags expire tomorrow and I cant get into the DMV the line is out the door,Can I pay Cartagz and still avoid the late fees?

        Cartagz will process your registration instantly. You can order an E copy that can       you can print out and use today!




  • ​ I paid Cartagz my fees and DMV says I have additional parking tickets,

      How come? 

       Cartagz DMV/BPA registration fees can change if DMV updates your vehicle              record for unpaid parking citations.




  • The DMV say my registration is suspended I have insurance can Cartagz register my car?

      Cartagz can register your car and clear the suspended registration. Your                     registration ships the same business day by 4pm.




  • The website says no record found I got the car from my friend 8 months ago why no record found?

        If you have purchased a car from a friend you only have 10 days to transfer the          title. Cartagz can transfer title and register the car in your name online today!




  • I need a copy of my registration card can I order one on Cartagz?

        Cartagz offers an E copy of the registration card and sticker that you can print           and use today!




  • I lost my registration card and the sticker can I get one shipped             Overnight?

     Cartagz will reissue a replacement registration card and sticker and Express              Overnight to you!




  • I never received a renewal notice from DMV can Cartagz renew my tags?

     Yes Cartagz can renew your tags and ship then today by 4pm




  • I just got my registration and it says I need insurance what do I do?​

     You must have current liability insurance on your vehicle at all times.

     Contact your insurance co. to see why the insurance is not on file with DMV.




  • My registration expired last month I cant go to dmv what should i do?

     you can use Cartagz DMV /BPA and pay the fees and have your registration                expedited to you overnight.




  • I bought a car and havn't transferred it yet, I paid the registration fees

     but never received the tags?

      Dmv only allows 10 days to report a vehicle transfer, If you paid the fees then             the registration will be paid and the registration will be sent to the current                 address on file with DMV.




  • I have not received my tags yet I paid a month ago where are my tags?

      They are shipped to the current registration address on file with the DMV. Check       your address and make sure you have updated with Ca DMV.




  • I thought I was using the DMV online website how do I cancel?

     You cannot cancel a DMV Vehicle Registration. Registration fees are due anually       and must be paid prior to the previous year expiration date. 




  • Can I pay my DMV registration fees even if they are late?

    Cartagz DMV registration can calculate your current DMV fees and any late penalties can be paid online instantly. Order an E-copy that you can use today.





  • What if I need smog test to complete my registration

    Upon completing your smog inspection you will need to notify us that you have passed your smog test, Note: Cartagz DMV is NOT automatically notified of the smog status. Go to Cartagz DMV support, fill out the notification from.





  • I paid my order online how long before I receive my order in the mail?

    If you paid you Cartagz DMV registration online before 4pm, your order will be shipped to the current registered owners address on file with the CA DMV.





  • My car has been parked in Ca. while I am away on military service can Cartagz DMV renew the registration and send me my tags and registration card?

    Yes Cartagz DMV can renew your registration and send you the new tags and registration, renew by 4pm today and your order ships today. You can also get a waiver for your smog requirement visit: Cartagz DMV registration / Instructions for more information regarding military deployment.




  • I used Cartagz DMV registration to pay my registration fees and it says I owe more money why?

    Depending on when you placed your order Ca DMV may have added or reduced the amount you owe. The amounts can change if you have unpaid parking tickets have moved and now have a new zip code or is different than the one used to place your order. Cartagz DMV will contact you if additional fees are required by the DMV.





  • I wasn't aware of this service how are you able to issue DMV registration? your not the DMV!

    Cartagz DMV registration is a Ca DMV partnership which allows Cartagz DMV to process Ca DMV registrations and vehicle title transfers offsite and online. Cartagz DMV registration users pay their registration fees online and avoid going into the Ca DMV office. Cartagz DMV registration charges a service fee in addition to your DMV registration renewal fees.





  • I need to renew my boat registration and I was told I need a special sticker this time what is this about?

    Ca DMV requires an Quagga inland water sticker, Cartagz DMV registration can issue Quagga stickers and Boat and PWC tags and trailer registration online. Your Cartagz DMV Boat or PWC registration issued and ships today by 4pm.





  • I have an ATV can Cartagz DMV registration issue my new tags and reg card? I want to go to the desert and ride tomorrow!

    Cartagz DMV registration can issue your new ATV off-road sticker and registration card today by 4pm. Order Express Overnight Delivery and you will be riding tomorrow.





  • My parents give me their car and now I need to register it so I can drive it for my job who do I renew the tags.

    Pay your Cartagz DMV fees online your new tags and registration card will be issued instantly. The DMV uses the Current registered owners address on file with the DMV to send the registration and tags.





  • I lost my registration notice and can't use the Ca DMV website to renew my car license can Cartagz renew it for me?

    Yes; Cartagz DMV registration can renew your car license registration in seconds and ship to you today.





  • How do I contact Cartagz DMV registration about my registration order?

    Visit; Cartagz DMV Support you will find answers to questions find instructions for using Cartagz DMV registration, Or you may fill out the contact questioner from. Click Submit we will respond within 48 hrs.




  • I paid my fees and received a notice that says (RDF) report of deposit of fees, is this a valid registration I can drive with?

     No, the (RDF) is only a receipt notice that your fees have been paid and                       DMV requires additional items to complete you registration such as  smog test,         Insurance, parking tickets that may not on file at the DMV.





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