California Title Transfer


Before leaving your house check traffic updates so you aren't tempted to use your phone.

A good habit to make is every other oil change, have them check your tires and rotate them. You will get a few more miles out of them.

The Real Id is here find out when you will need this to board a plane 

Car Keys

Change of Ownership

Corporate vehicles need to remove or add a name. Cartagz can process these types same day. 

Family transfers occur when the vehicle is being given to a child from a parent or grandparent for example. No smog is needed and Cartagz offers same day processing. Start your transaction today click view more... 


Time frame before you accrue penalties on a transfer = 30 days from the date of purchase

A smog is needed in most cases.

Check to see if there are any registration fees that are due. The Ca DMV will have you pay any renewal fees, if the car is purchased within 90 days of the renewal date. Call California Dept of Motor Vehicles to find out 1-800-777-0133


Autonomous testing show spikes in disengagements a sign of more and more challenging situations.


Check your DMV FEES

 anytime from your mobile device  get Ca DMV tags plus Free 2Day Shipping contact us today